Saturday, October 5, 2013

Urban Splatter - Nail Art

Before I became an Avon Independent Representative, I rarely wore nail polish and if I did, it was clear or pale. It was a mix of thinking it was too much work and wanting to fade into the woodwork. But how can I help others pick products if I don't know them?

My first try was a color called Racy. And wow! I loved it. So unlike my old normal but it quickly became my new one! It is in the Nailware+ line. I love the color and more, it gave me total deep coverage with only 1 coat.

Racy - Single Coat

Then I saw Urban Splatter and I had to try it. It is a top coat with assorted glitter mixed in. It has a pale base color, and can be worn on it's own, but has the most impact over another.

Being such a huge fan of Racy, I decided to try Pink Splatter first. It went on very easily. I loved that each nail ended with a slightly different look, since the glitter is pretty random.
Racy and Pink Splatter

Each nail looked different
It lasted about an average amount of time before I had any chips or scratches. But what made it nice was that small dings didn't really show. The glitter was so random that a bit of pink nail peaking out from under wasn't noticeable. After digging through some boxes, I had more than slight dings, but I was able to put on a quick coat of Racy then Pink Splatter in the damaged areas without removing the rest. The finish is rough in nature due to the glitter and so inconsistent that it didn't really show.

I think the first test came when I took it off. I was a bit worried that the glitter would stick. But no. It came off fast and easy. I used a finger nail to scrape a couple of flecks of glitter off, but that was it. All done in a normal space of time and effort.

Tonite, I went a bit further outside my comfort zone and pulled out Midnight Blue in the Nailware+ line along with Blue Vandalism in the Urban Splatter.

Midnight Blue and Blue Vandalism

2 Coats of Midnight Blue for full coverage

I needed two coats of the Midnight Blue. I like it on but will need to make sure I enough kid-free time to do an extra coat. As with the Pink Urban Splatter, I loved how the blue went on. Actually, I loved it more. The glitter, large and small and random over the deep, deep blue reminds me of the starry night sky!

My night sky

Check with your local Independent Avon Representatives about getting some Urban Splatter of your own. If you don't have a rep, check in with me at Avon in Vancouver via Chris

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