Friday, October 18, 2013

Bubble Bath and Beyond

Avon makes amazing bubble bath. It's available in a variety of scents to suit almost anyone. Personally, it was the bubble bath that got me to join Avon the first time.

But for those who don't take baths, Avon customers has come up with some fantastic alternatives for the bubble bath. I have one customer who swears that it can clean ANYTHING. She uses it for floors, walls, windows, appliances you name. She told me some water, some vinegar and a cap full of bubble bath and she's set.

Here is a list of over 30 uses for Avon Bubble bath that customers have found. These are not,  of course, official Avon uses, but check the list and see if there is something you can use it for.
  1. Zillions of bubbles that leave NO bath tub ring.
  2. Does a beautiful job on washing cars, mobile homes, RVs, and boats.
  3. Great as a laundry detergent, no fabric softener needed.
  4. Better than "Woolite" for hand washing delicates.
  5. Heavily soiled laundry? Pre-soak in bubble bath for a few minutes. Can even remove ring around the collar and get the grease out of work clothes.
  6. Wash windows.
  7. Give pets a bath.
  8. Wash no wax floors – will cut through many shoe marks.
  9. Wash dishes.
  10. Wash walls and ceilings.
  11. Clean bathroom fixtures and mirrors.
  12. Wash appliances.
  13. Use to shampoo carpets (whole room or a spot).
  14. Cleans chandeliers and light fixtures.
  15. Use bubbles and sponge to shampoo furniture or vehicle interiors.
  16. Cleans china, windows, etc. (all glass).
  17. Wash your plant leaves, they will shine. Then pour into soil as a fertilizer.
  18. Upholstery stains come out by rubbing with a damp cloth dipped in full strength bubble bath. Do not wet the sponge with water. Water may leave a stain, the bubble bath won't.
  19. Clean your jewelry - even costume jewelry.
  20. Splatter grease (butter too) on a good blouse? Put straight bubble bath on the spot, let sit a few minutes and wash. No spots!
  21. Wash Venetian blinds.
  22. Wash paneling - no rinsing, no streaks.
  23. Clean your eye glasses.
  24. Put some bubble bath and a bit of water in your potpourri burner.
  25. Clean your painted or real wood cupboards.
  26. Fill your pump "hand cleaner" in the bathroom and kitchen.
    For soft hands add a touch of SSS bath oil
    For antibacterial add a drop or two of lavender essential oil
  27. Hair Shampoo
  28. Dog Shampoo
  29. Cleans combs and hair brushes (leaves no film)
  30. Add to children’s wading pool for great bubbly fun (and it cleans the pool)
  31. Wipe down and clean your furniture (and they smell great too)
  32. Soak your crystal for a great sparkle
  33. Remove wax buildup – use straight from bottle with scouring pad and wipe with dry towel
  34. Leaves no streaks on TV Screens

Right now, in Campaign 22 the 700 ml bottle is on sale at 2 for $10 (must order in multiples of two). This includes all the regular scents, such as Vanilla Cream, Citrus Bloom, Fresh Peach and more.

You can also start to stock up on the holiday minis available in special scents like Hot Apple Pie and Christmas Cookie for 0.99 each.
 In Campaign 23, there is still a special of 2 for $10 but it is limited to only Cucumber Melon and the new Peppermint Vanilla Swirl.

If you already have a regular rep, contact her or him. If you're in my area, you can find me at or on Facebook If you're not in my area, I'm part of a larger team so drop me a line and I can find you a great Avon Independent Representative in your area.

If you like what you've been reading of Avon so far, I can help you start your own business for only $10. How far you take it will be up to you.

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