Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mega Lash Review

Today's post comes to you from the amazing Keely. She is another of the great team I belong to. You can find her at Avon in Vancouver with Keely

Grip it, Rock it, Bend it, and Lock it.

Sounds like the start of a new dance move, right? WRONG!  That’s your way of getting up to 24hrs of phenomenal lashes.

Avon has come out with a new mascara product called ‘Mega Effects Mascara’. It comes in black and brown-black and retails for $12.  I've been using it for the last week or so and I love it! It’s simple to use and it looks great. The comb brush is funny to look at, at first, but it really is a great idea. When compared to my favorite Maybelline ‘The Falsies’ mascara, I’d put it at the top of my list of favorite cosmetic products.

It comes in a 9g container- seems small, but that comb ensures you get the right amount of mascara for both eyes, each time! The wide base on the wand allowed me to get a steady grip.  You angle the brush based on the curve shape for your right or left eye (see what they did there? That’s how you end up using less). Ideally you can position the wand and coat all your lashes in one sweep. If you have wide or almond shaped eyes, you may need to finish the corner. I did not experience clumping or a difference in look from where I left off and started application again. I never once stuck the brush back in the container.

 The tines coat, curl, and separate your lashes at the same time, giving you great volume and a mess-free look. It dried quite quickly (I’m always worried about blinking too quickly and ending up with a little eye mustache, but that did happen!) I wore it in the rain at the PNE on August 29, 2013 and I was mess free. About the only thing on me that was fresh as a daisy was my mascara. I do have a bad habit of sometimes falling asleep with my make-up on and am happy to report that I did not end up with raccoon eyes (no, I’m not going to show you what I look like in the morning- stop asking and try it for yourself!)

 It will fit conveniently in any purse you are using, it’s nice and compact. You can even slip it in the 5th pocket on your jeans.

I've gotten a ton of complements on the look with this mascara. A lot of people have been curious to know about how the design works and when they see the effect in person, they give it the thumbs up. The fact that it comes in black AND brown black is a huge plus!

Glammed up or rocking a casual look, I’m giving this product a 10/10 for ease of use and result. 

Contact your local Independent Avon Representative to order. If you need a rep let me know and I can help you find one in your area. 

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