Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pumpkin Prequel

I don't know what it's like at your place, but one of my 4 year old's is itching to 'make pumpkins' already and it's not even October.  A carved pumpkin will not last until Halloween.

Last year we used some of those poke in face parts to start a bit earlier. But even those small holes, put in mid-October resulted in rotten pumpkin before the 31st. We did paint a couple but they really wanted them to look like 'people'.

When I saw the pumpkin costumes in my "What's New" catalog for Avon Independent Representatives, I figured why not. I got a demo of each, a pirate and a witch.

We haven't been to the pumpkin patch yet, but I did have 2 of those craft pumpkins in storage. 2 craft pumpkins, 2 Avon pumpkin costumes and twin 4 year olds proved to be fun.

One big, one little pumpkin

(gently) ripping the package open

Opening the instructions

There weren't a ton of pieces, and they matched what showed in the picture in the Avon catalog. The witch has a skirt, hat and eyes. The hat is really cute. Our witch costume went on the smaller pumpkin. I had to wrap it a bit tighter than I would have on an average sized pumpkin. It's still very cute, although you can't see the cute detail on the witch's 'dress' when it's wrapped that tight. The eyes are stickers. It also included small rectangles of double sided tape to help keep the costume parts from slipping down.

Up close
 The pirate costume had a few more pieces, so his 'top', bandanna, hat and eye patch. His other eye is a sticker. And like the witch, he came with the double sided tape, pre-cut. He was easier to dress because I think as a mid-sized pumpkin, the outfit was a better fit.
 For my boys, the hardest part was the double sided tape. They could stick it to the pumpkin, but had a hard time peeling the back off. They are 4 making them the bottom end of the recommended age. I think they did great.

The eye stickers are likely salvageable if I really wanted to, although I don't think it would be hard to make new eyes. Each sent contained lots of the double side tape rectangles for future pumpkins, but you could easily use glue dots or other things if you ran out. I would suggest medium to large pumpkins. The small pumpkin makes a cute witch but it required more work by me and was less fun for the kids.

In the campaign 21 brochure, page 209, you can get any combination of 2 of them for 14.98. Or you can get just one for 9.99 each. I think it's worth it at 9.99 and a great deal at 14.98. Sure, if I really wanted to, I'm sure I could find instructions on Pintrest, but lets face it, I've pinned a few (hundred) things and have only done one or two. The time saved from finding the materials and making the costumes was spent with my kids.

If you want these or any of the other amazing Halloween decorations contact your local Independent Avon Rep. Order now to have for most of October. Don't have a rep? Touch base with me at Avon in Vancouver with Chris I'm part of a team with reps covering much of Western Canada and a bit back east, but can help you find a rep anywhere in Canada (or be one if you're interested).

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