Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chosen - a Fundraiser

Welcome to my first Avon fundraiser.

I talked a couple of posts ago on how you can earn money with Avon, well the same ideas can be applied to fundraising. All of my profits (the part I earn from the Avon discount) from customer purchases in Campaign 25 will go the Angel Tree Fund for a special little boy in Eastern Europe.

On Reeces Rainbow, he is given the alias Christian. He is a sweet 4 year old boy who's only misfortune was being born with down syndrome in a country that doesn't yet accept that a child with special needs has value. He currently lives in a 'baby house' but the next step for him in a couple of years will be an adult mental hospital.

You can read more about Christian on my family blog here A Home for the Holiday and if you want, you can search this tag  to find my posts from last year and the year before.  This is a cause that I'm really committed to. I explored adoption, special needs adoption in particular before I had the boys (and continue to consider it).

But back to fundraising. It's quite simple, be in my delivery area, order from me in Campaign 25. The discount I get from Avon will go to Christian's fund instead of my pocket. I am a gold level rep, this means for beauty products (make-up, perfume, bath products) 35% of your payment will go to Christian. For everything else, it's 15%.  This can add up very fast. You get great products at a great price, this boy gets a chance at a family and a future.

I will be doing a contest this campaign towards this fundraiser, but I'm working out the details. I have to allow for entries not related to a purchase or a donation that still help his cause. I hope to  have his up by the weekend. It will be open world wide.

To get you started, you can find the e-brochure here

If you want to know more about fundraising with Avon ask me or your local rep. To see all the kids on the Angel Tree this year, click this link

Reece's Rainbow 2013 Christmas Angel Tree

I am an Angel Tree Warrior for Christian!

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