Saturday, November 30, 2013

Avon Nail Art - Review and a Giveaway

While I've developed a recent love affair with Avon nail polish, I didn't expect to feel the same away about the nail art, but wow. I got one of the Halloween designs and tried it out. They were so easy to apply. You just match your finger size, then peel and stick. I folded the end of the strip over and just filed it off. I found several youtube videos of different ways to do it, but this looked the easiest and it was for me. I was even able to put them on while on the bus on the way to work!
Pretty cool!

Everywhere I went I had compliments on them, followed by surprise when I mentioned they were Avon. They looked so professional, were very inexpensive and easy to apply.

But then how durable are they (or aren't they)? The shot above is after a full week. you can see where the nail has grown a bit at the bottom, but they still looked great. I think if these had been a very dark solid color it might have shown more, but the base of the nail is so close to skin color that it wouldn't stand out much.
You can see the thumbnail above where it's a bit chipped at the tip. Again, a solid dark strip would show more wear, but with this pattern it wasn't noticeable to anyone else until I pointed it out. And to be fair, with kids, I'm quite rough on my nails, digging in dirt, picking things up, playing etc. But they held for over a week.  They were so sturdy that they held a split nail on for 3 days. My thumbnail was split about a 1/3 near the base of the nail, but it held on.

But how to get them off? Even easier, just peel them. I started at the base of each nail and just peeled it up. A quick wash and my nails were back to normal. Nothing could be simpler.

I've ordered 2 of the holiday styles and want to pass one onto my readers. But more than that, I want to help Christian's grant grow and word of the Angel Tree get out there. So this giveaway is all about promoting the Angel Tree and in particular Christian.

This giveaway is open world wide. I will send the winner one set of Avon Holiday Cheer  nail art strips. I make no promise they will get there before Christmas, but I will try!

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